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How To Begin Your Stonescaping Project

Before you begin your stonescaping project, you will need first need to gather the essential equipment and supplies that you will need.

When buying supplies for your stonescaping project, keep in mind that working with stone is labor intensive. You will need tough tools.

Before you invest in tools, read consumer guides and talk to a pro at a hardscaping or stonescaping supply company.

General stonescaping materials include:

Diamond blade

Circular saw

Power saw

Measuring tape


Mason’s string

A wheel barrow


For large stonescaping projects, powerful loading equipment is also helpful for moving boulders and loads of stone, pavers, and gravel.

Both natural and artificial stone can be used to build retaining walls and create walkways.

Large distinctive stones called specimen stones serve as a simple stone landscape features such as bird baths, fire pits, pillars on gardens, earthy rims on ponds, and the base of a water feature.

A stoneyard is a candy store for do-it-yourselfers with a landscaping project plan in hand.

When you are ready to select stone for your stonescaping project, be sure to evaluate color, texture, uniformity, and durability.

Also consider the following qualities for the following stone forms:

Ashlar: This blocky wall stone should be consistent in thickness with neatly trimmed edges and flat sides so stones will stack easily.

Boulders: Depending on how you choose to use the boulders in the landscape you may seek out uniformly shaped rocks for I high-impact wall, or a mix of interesting boulders in different heights and shapes for a garden centerpiece. When mixing them up, be sure to use boulders of the same specimen. Consistency in rock type is key.

Flagstone: Look for consistency in thickness. Otherwise, you will have to compensate later by having to adjust how you set the stone in your subbase. Flagstone comes in a variety of different textures. In some instances an interesting surface is more important than a smooth texture.

No matter which stone or stones that you choose to implement into your stonescaping project, at the stoneyard, ask for a hose or a water bucket so that you can wash the stones and see their true colors.

For help picking the proper stones and stone supply for your Akron or surrounding Northeast Ohio area hardscaping project, contact the stone experts at Ohio Beauty Cut Stone.

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