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Artificial stone is more commonly referred to as artificial marble, cultured marble or cultured stone. It is created by blending marble powder or stone particles with resin and pigments to create a full range of colors and completely natural looking patterns. This mixture is cast in molds of varying shapes and sizes, which can then be cut, ground and polished into a variety of uses, from simulated stone to sinks and countertops.

Cultured stone provides clients with a lot of flexibility. The surface is hard and resilient and can be polished to either a shine or matte finish. Size, shape and edging can be customized during the cutting and grinding phase, and its nonporous surface means very little maintenance is required to retain its beauty.

Another popular use for artificial stone today is stone veneer, a covering that provides both a protective and decorative finish for interior and exterior vertical walls. These products are also cast in molds and use colors and textures to replicate natural stone. They provide a beautiful finished product and are easy to install.

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