Think of it as more than gravel.

Decorative stone goes far beyond its functional purpose on your gravel driveway, where it absorbs moisture and provides a safe surface for you and your vehicle. Decorative stone, including gravel, crushed stone, pebbles and volcanic rock, comes in many colors, shades and textures, making it a wonderfully versatile gardening tool.

Rock or gravel can add an element of natural beauty around a commercial property that would otherwise be surrounded by concrete. The feel of your garden becomes more remote and peaceful with the addition of a walkway of crushed stone rather than traditional pavers. Consider stone instead of mulch to retain moisture and deter weeds in your garden. Decorative stone provides an excellent drainage system, helps control soil temperature and erosion, and allows you to choose a look from a pebble beach to red volcanic rock.

Decorative stone has indoor uses as well. Small stones placed over the soil of your houseplants provide the same benefits as outdoor gardens, including moisture retention and temperature control. For the artistic, craft projects using decorative stone can also enhance the beauty and d├ęcor of your home.

Choosing decorative stone

Whether you are considering gravel, crushed stone or volcanic rock for a functional or decorative purpose, for a driveway, garden or walkway, or for an indoor or outdoor use, you probably have some questions. Our experts can help you find the answers before you order your decorative stone.

What style, color and texture is best for my project?

The best style of stone is, of course, based most heavily on its use. Your stone choice will be very different for a driveway versus a garden path or an indoor project. Color and texture, however, will depend more on your taste and color scheme. Our experts can help you make the best choice for your overall landscape design and home decor.

Is there any special preparation required?

Prepping the area for decorative stone is not unlike prepping for mulch. You will want to mark your area ahead of time so you know generally how it will look landscaped. You will also want to weed the area, as well as taking weed eradication measures, before filling it in with stone. For driveways and walkways you will want the area to be generally level. Our experts can help with this.

How much stone should I order?

Our professionals will work with you each step of the way as you plan and prepare your space, so will not have to guess how much decorative stone you will need to complete that perfect project. We will guide you through measuring your space to determine the exact square footage, and advise you on the appropriate depth of stone for your proposed use. Multiplying the square footage by the depth of stone will give you the correct amount of stone to order.

At Ohio Beauty Cut Stone we are happy to answer all your questions regarding the many ways you can use decorative stone to enhance your home or business. Call us today.