Landscaping Stone Wallstone

Consider natural stone and its broad variety of uses in your landscaping plan. At Ohio Beauty Cut Stone we have the perfect solution for your patio, walkway, garden border and retaining wall.

Our selection of pavers and beautiful cut flagstone will make it easy to customize everything in your yard from patio to curving walkway. Our experienced staff can create a traditional patio look for you, or carefully cut flagstone into a one-of-a-kind layout that will make your patio unique. While pavers are uniform in size, flagstone vary in shape, size and thickness and can enhance your yard with their rustic look.

Flagstone also is a great choice for knee walls, sitting walls and retaining walls. With large flat surfaces on the top and bottom, flagstone comes in thicknesses ranging from one inch to three inches. The varying shapes and sizes allow you to create a natural and unique wall at your choice of length, height and even curve.

We also can create your custom wall using round wallstone. Much like stacking bowling balls, we use only top quality stones with a rounded face and a flat top and bottom, so that we can carefully design a unique and natural looking wall for your yard.

Stone is always a great choice for your landscaping design. Properly cut and installed, stone walkways, patios, walls and steps can last many years with little maintenance. Whether your project includes a curving stairway, multi-level retaining wall, a garden border or small planter, we have the materials and expertise to design your perfect retreat.

Call Ohio Beauty Cut Stone today to plan your dream Akron area garden.